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SSI2023 | 49th Annual Meeting and Summer School of the Scandinavian Society for Immunology

Scientific programme

Sunday, 4 June - Summer School

9:00-16:00 Immunology summer School – Cutting-edge technologies for immunology research
Chairs: Tapio Lönnberg and Silke Appel
09:00-09:30Tapio Lönnberg, University of Turku, Finland:
Single-cell omics to understand immune mediated diseases
09:30-10:00 Cecilia Dominguez-Conde, Human Technopole, Milan, Italy:
Single-cell genomics to study developmental immunology
10:00-10:30Laura Elo, University of Turku, Finland:
Computational approaches for Single-cell omics
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-11:30 Alexander Mildner, University of Turku, Finland:
Single-cell analysis of macrophage heterogeneity
11:30-12:00 Karine Chemin, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden:
Single-cell analysis reveals new insights on T cell effector functions in rheumatic diseases
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-13:50Nanostring Technologies: Nanostring Spatial Solutions: From Whole Transcriptome Profiling to Single Cell Resolution
13:50-14.10 Parse Biosciences: Revolutionising single cell at scale: Instrument free single cell transcriptomics and TCR profiling
14.10-14.3010x Genomics: Trailblazing the future of single cell and spatial biology
14.30-15:00 Coffee break
15:00-15:30Silke Appel, University of Bergen, Norway:
Single cell proteomics provide insights into autoimmune disorders
15:30-16:00 Janne Lehtiö, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden:
Proteogenomics for precision immunotherapy in cancer


Sunday, 4 June - SSI2023 Opening

18:00-18:10 Riitta Lahesmaa, University of Turku: Welcome to SSI2023
18:10-18:50 Keynote lecture. Andrew Chan, Genentech, South San Francisco, USA:
Forward and reverse translation: lessons from the clinic

Monday, 5 June

Session I
Chairs: Tuure Kinnunen, Laura Airas and Trevor Owens
09:00-09:30 Lucy Walker, University College London, United Kingdom:
Fine-tuning costimulation blockade in autoimmunity
9:30-10:00 Mark Ansel, University of California San Francisco, USA:
RNA Circuits in Immune Responses
10:00-10:30Coffee & exhibition
10:30-11:00 Yenan Bryceson, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden:
Regulation of lymphocyte cytotoxicity in tissues
11:00-11:10Sponsored talk, Taija Pietilä, Medical Lead (PhD), Neuroscience, Novartis Finland Oy: Targeting B cells in Multiple Sclerosis
11:10-11:40 Heinz Wiendl, University of Münster, Germany:
Learning immunopathogenesis via therapeutic intervention:
example Multiple sclerosis disease modification
11:40-11:50Sponsored talk, Merja Jaronen, Medical Manager (PhD), Neurology and Immunology, Merck Oy: Is there an unmet need in MS?
11:50-13:00Lunch & exhibition(Council meeting)
13:00-14:00Poster viewing
14:00-15:50Workshop 1 - Innate immunity and inflammation (Room: AAVA)
Chairs: Jona Freysdottir and Alexander Mildner
Erika Atencio Herre: Evaluating new macrophage-targeting radiotracer in an experimental myocarditis model, WS1.2
Noemie AM Dudzinska: From mouth to brain: periodontopathogen Porphyromonas gingivalis as an etiological factor in Alzheimer’s disease progression, WS1.6
Martin Gonzalez-Rodriguez: Dynamic of TSLP-responsiveness on Langerhans cells in vivo, WS1.8
Matthew Maasdorp: Investigating the interaction of the immune system with metabolism and the central nervous system in the Drosophila model, WS1.11
Lea Mikkola: Multi-tissue single-cell atlas of murine atherosclerosis, WS1.12
Julia Nihtilä: Effect of genetic variation in NK cell receptor genes on relapse and GVHD risks after allogeneic stem cell transplantation, WS1.15
Tiina Salminen: Cell-mediated and humoral innate immune responses are affected by natural variation in the mitochondrial genome, WS1.17
Amanda Sudworth: Tissue-specific NK cell responses during acute GvHD, WS1.18
Sara Torstensson: The immune profile in a mouse model of polycystic ovary syndrome, WS1.19
Aina van der Meeren: Bergen BrainGut study: diagnostic gut biomarkers with imaging mass cytometry in irritable bowel syndrome, WS1.20
Workshop 5 - Tumour immunology (Room: MERI)
Chairs: Kirsi Rautajoki and Maija Hollmén
Miriam Aarsund Larsen: miRNA content in subpopulations of NK cell-derived extracellular vesicles connects to different functional activity, WS5.1
Anna Brunell: Development of a T cell exhaustion assay for immuno-oncology target identification and validation, WS5.2
Olli Dufva: Single-cell functional genomics of natural killer cell evasion in blood cancers, WS5.6
Marta Kamińska: Cancer imaging: selective ssDNA micro-probe for PD1 detection, WS5.9
Karolina Losenkova: Tumour cells evade immune responses via modulation of T cell metabolism and bioenergetics, WS5.10
Elisabeth Müller: Inhibition of S100A8/A9-mediated myeloid inflammation is detrimental for the initiation of anti-tumor immune responses, WS5.12
Kiesha Rice: A novel proteomic immunophenotyping technology for immuno-oncology drug discovery and diagnostics, WS5.15
Sina Tadayon: Role of Clever-1 in tumor immunity and tumor growth, WS5.17
Tracer Yong: Revealing altered lipid metabolism as a key vulnerability of germinal centre derived B-cell lymphoma, WS5.18
15:50-16:20Coffee & exhibition
16:20-17:10 Workshop 2 -Immune cells, development and differentiation (Room: AAVA)
Chairs: Carlos Rogério Figueiredo and Pia Rantakari
Syed Bilal Ahmad Andrabi: Long non-coding RNA LIRIL2R modulates FOXP3 expression and suppressive function of human CD4+ regulatory T cells by regulating IL2RA, WS2.1
Yuliya Basikhina: Mitochondrial dysfunction in immune cells leads to distinct transcriptome profile and improved immune competence in Drosophila, WS2.2
Ritobrata Goswami: Calcitriol downregulates the differentiation of Th2 cells via regulation of Th2-specific transcription factors, WS2.5
Julian Hofmann: Deciphering phenotype, dynamics, and function of early-life neutrophils using single-cell RNA sequencing and lineage tracing, WS2.6
Workshop 6 - Infectious diseases and vaccination (Room: MERI)
Chairs: Hanna Jarva and Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren
Alan-Dine Courey-Ghaouzi: Heterogeneity and origins of T-Bet+ CD11c+ atypical b cells, WS6.1
Ilse Ekman: The effect of early-life cytomegalovirus infection on the immune profile of children, WS6.2
Kristian Savstrup Kastberg: Complement fragment C3d in B cell activation and antigen transport, WS6.3
Vili Lampinen: SpyCatcher-mediated influenza M2e peptide display is more immunogenic than direct genetic fusion on the norovirus-like particle, WS6.4
Leo Starck: Antibodies, complement activation and phagocytosis of ChAdOx1-S adenoviral vector Covid-19-vaccine, WS6.9
18:00-19.00Optional social programme: River tour & Students hangout

Tuesday, 6 June

09:00-10:00SSI Young Investigator Awards
Chairs: Björn Rúnar Lúðvíksson President and Marit Inngjerdingen Secretary SSI

9:00-9:15 (Sweden)
9:15-9:30 (Denmark)
9:30-9:45 (Norway)
9:45-10:00 (Finland)
Chairs: Søren Degn and Petter Höglund
10:00-10:15Petter Höglund, Editor in Chief, Scandinavian Journal of Immunology
10:15-10:45 Marcus Buggert, Karolinska Institutet:
Human recirculating and resident memory T cells
10:45-11:15Coffee & exhibition
11:15-11:45Anjana Rao, La Jolla Institute for Immunology, USA:
TET methylcytosine dioxygenases, cancer and autoimmune/inflammatory disease
11:45-11:55Sponsored talk, Benjamin Rauwel (PhD), InvivoGen:
Innovation within reach
11:55-12:50Lunch & exhibition
12:50-13:50General Assembly of SSI
13:50-14:35Poster viewing
14:35-15:45Workshop 3 - Lymphocyte activation and function (Room: AAVA)
Chairs: Pieta Mattila and Jukka Ali-Nikula
Alexander Espinosa: Light-induced expression of gRNA allows for optogenetic gene editing of T lymphocytes in vivo, WS3.1
Alexey Ferapontov: Antigen footprint model: molecular requirements for B cell receptor activation, WS3.2
Kenneth Green: Characterization of a hyper IgM syndrome patient harboring a novel AICDA nonsense mutation, WS3.3
Ubaid Ullah Kalim: A long noncoding RNA is induced upon T-cell activation and in children progressing to type 1 diabetes, WS3.5
Pieta Mattila: Proteomic profiling of B cell activation by soluble and surface-bound antigens, WS3.8
Iman Shryki: Regulation and maintenance of CX3CR1 expression on CD8+ T cells, WS3.11
Christopher Sundling: Alternative B cells differentiation during infection, WS3.13
Workshop 4 - Autoimmunity and Immune regulation (Room: MERI)
Chairs: Karine Chemin and Roland Jonsson
Cecilia Fahlquist-Hagert: Polyclonal Tfr populations control plasma cell output from GC in autoimmunity, WS4.1
Karoliina Hirvonen: Quantitative plasma/serum proteomics for identification of early type 1 diabetes-associated changes, WS4.4
Salla Markkinen: Fine-mapping complement factor H-related (CFHR) gene deletions in patients with rejection after kidney transplantation, WS4.8
Urs M. Mörbe: Human gut-associated lymphoid tissues are inhabited by a diverse fibroblast network that steer immune functions, WS4.10
Kirsi Rautajoki: Expression profiles uncover different paths to Type-1 diabetes- linked autoantibody response and association with antiviral response - the TEDDY study, WS4.12
Anna-Mari Schroderus: Distinct CD8+ T-cell signatures are detectable at different stages of progression to type 1 diabetes, WS4.14
Inna Starskaia: Gene Expression Signature Predicts Rate of Type 1 Diabetes Progression, WS4.16
15:45-16:15Coffee & exhibition
16:15-17:25Workshop 7 - Immune intervention and therapy; Novel concepts and technologies (Room: AAVA)
Chairs: Olli Silvennoinen and Janne Lehtiö
Nuria García-Díaz: Small molecular compounds screened by a phenotypic high-throughput assay target FoxP3 through MAPK and STAT3 signalling in regulatory T cells, WS7.1
Farhana Jahan: Using the Jurkat reporter T cell line for evaluating the functionality of Novel Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs), WS7.3
Eva Krzyżewska-Dudek: Nanoparticles containing influenza A (H1N1) viral peptides induce antigen-specific immune tolerance in a mouse model of narcolepsy type 1, WS7.5
Nicolas Ruffin: Sustained low relapse rate with highly variable B-cell repopulation dynamics with extended rituximab dosing intervals in multiple sclerosis, WS7.9
Arno Ylitalo: Ex vivo anti-leukemia effects with the macrophage-targeting immunotherapy, anti-Clever-1 antibody bexmarilimab, in myeloid malignancies, WS7.12
Diana Lehotina: Single-cell analysis of the human spleen endothelial cells identifies lymphatic vessels in the red pulp, WS7.14
Päivi Saavalainen: Spatial high-throughput single cell assay for antigen-specific T- and B-cell sequencing, WS3.10
19:00-lateCongress dinner at Turku Castle

Wednesday, 7 June

Session III
Chairs: Sirpa Jalkanen and Alexandre Corthay
9:00-9:30Jeffrey Bluestone, Sonoma Therapeutics and University of California San Francisco, USA:
Immunotherapy: Building a bridge to a cure for type 1 diabetes
9:30-9:40Sponsored talk, Aneta Ringholm, STEMCELL Technologies:
Fast and Easy Immune Cell Isolation from Large-Volume Samples
9:40-10:10Nordic Foundation for Immunology lecture
Patrick Hogan, La Jolla Institute for Immunology, USA:
Transcriptional control of CD8+ T cell exhaustion in cancer
10:10-10:40Richard Carvajal, Columbia University, New York, USA:
Overcoming Immune Resistance in Uveal Melanoma
10:40-10:50Sponsored talk, Matilda Weywadt, PhD - Global product manager, Immudex:
Evaluating Antigen Specificity and its Impact on Immunity using Dextramer® Technology
10:50-11:30Coffee & exhibition
11:30-13:00ySSI lab talks: Connect and Represent
Chairs: Kenneth Green and Rahul Biradar
11:30ySSI overview, Rahul Biradar, Kenneth Green and Martin Gonzalez, ySSI board
11:45-12:45ySSI Lab talks
1. Miriam Aarsund Larsen, Marit Inngjerdingen lab, Oslo University Hospital, Norway: Innate Lymphocyte Group
2. Vili Lampinen, Minna Hankaniemi lab, Tampere University, Finland: Virology and Vaccine Immunology Group
3. Besmir Hyseni, Alexander Mildner lab, University of Turku, Finland: Macrophages in homeostasis and disease: The identity of the Mildner Lab
4. Amna Music, Pieta Mattila lab, University of Turku, Finland: Lymphocyte Activation Lab
5. Helka Kaunisto, Katri Kaukinen and Katri Lindfors lab, Tampere University, Finland: Celiac Disease Research Center – the pearl of Tampere
6. Inna Starskaia and Anna Brunell, Riitta Lahesmaa lab, University of Turku, Finland: Molecular Systems Immunology: Lahesmaa lab – the ATLAS
7. Sofie V. Fonager and Kristian Savstrup Kastberg, Søren E. Degn lab, Aarhus University, Denmark: Laboratory of Lymphocyte Biology
8. Diana Lehotina, Akira Takeda lab, University of Turku, Finland: Immune and structural cell interaction in health and disease
12:45-13:00Day of Immunology ImmunoCartoon award
13:00Best poster award and meeting closure
Take-away lunch

Programme is subject to changes.